6 Simple Tips to Work Smarter Not Harder - HUMAN CENTRIC


Wouldn’t it be fantastic if we could maximize our productivity and performance without causing us a mental and/or physical burnout?

This is what we, as professionals, call: ‘Working Smarter, not Harder’. Efficiency in work is the key to increase output as it can free up a lot of our time and energy whilst it keeps our team members motivated and less stressed, which is so much needed nowadays.

In the lines to follow, we shall explore 6 techniques on how to work smarter (not harder) which can be put to immediate effect:

  1. Plan ahead

Failing to plan is like planning to fail! So, by planning you can see what the most important tasks are, what needs to be prioritised, what is urgent and what not during the day.

  1. Minimize your to-do list.

We can only accomplish so much in a single day. If your to-do list is endless, you’re setting yourself up for failure. A to-do list should be short, concise, and realistic.

  1. Say “no” more often!

You are allowed to say No. Explain your availability if a colleague requests for assistance on an unrelated project when you are working on a high-priority task. Don’t be afraid to explain to your colleague why you are currently unable and offer a time when you will be able to assist them to maintain a good working relationship.

  1. Reduce time stealers

You need to identify all the time stealers (notifications, calls, emails, co-workers) which derail your productivity away by applying techniques to limit them.

  1. Take breaks

It sounds odd but taking breaks at certain times of the day is one of the best ways to be more productive. Giving your brain a break can help you focus on what’s in front of you!

  1. Declutter your office!

It is proven that a ‘clean’ desk helps you boost your mood and performance so remove all unnecessary paper, items etc. Apply this to your inbox and digital folders as well.

The secret to working smarter is to rethink the way we work, and we can help you with that.

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