Should you go to a 4-day workweek or not? - HUMAN CENTRIC

Should you go to a 4-day workweek or not?

This is the latest subject being discussed over the media lately. And unfortunately, many companies are going to make the same mistake as they did with remote-working namely, rush into it without thinking about the challenges and how to manage them, first.

Don’t get me wrong. I am very much in favour of remote-working (hybrid actually) and the 4-day workweek. At DanatCon, we don’t track how many hours our colleagues work, where they work from or when they work. In fact, we don’t even track holidays. We focus on and measure results. That’s all we do.

For remote/hybrid and 4-day workweek systems to work, they need to be thought out carefully. One size does NOT fit all companies. Anticipate the challenges and how you are going to overcome them. For example, are you going to reduce the weekly working hours from say 40 to 32 or are you going to spread the 40 hours over 4 days instead of 5?

If you are reducing the work hours and keeping salaries unchanged, then you will need to come up with ways to raise productivity /effectiveness by 25% just to keep performance constant. If on the other hand, you decide to keep weekly work hours the same, that means 10-hr days. How do your employees feel about putting in longer days and will productivity/effectiveness reduce due to tiredness?

We are here to guide you so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel all over again. Our clients have been working these systems for years. Learn from our experience.