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Customer Service (B2B & B2C)

Every modern organisation understands that being truly customer-focused and providing excellent Customer Service can indeed be a significant competitive advantage and performance differentiator in the marketplace. In fact, in many industries. It can be the single most important factor for business success.

Many factors come into play in ensuring that an organization delivers a great customer experience, such as quality products / services, appropriate policies, systems and procedures, to name a few. However, people in an organization are the game-changing parameter. Good customer service does not require big investments – it is first and foremost about creating the right culture, the proper mindset, as well as the necessary skills at both the individual as well as the organisational level.

Exceptional Customer Experience

Worked with one of Saudi Arabia’s largest manufacturing companies to improve business to business (B2B) customer service. The objective of the project was to transform their service from ordinary customer service to “Customer Experiences” and thus achieve a strategic change from a supplier of products, to a supplier of “Value”.

The project covered the whole transformation cycle from designing the desired customer experience, identifying areas of improvement, training everyone to adopt the correct mindset and implementation.

The process covered also design and implementation of the processes and systems (measurements and dashboards) necessary to monitor and improve customer service. The process took around 18 months and covered 5,000 employees.

Delivering “Wow” Customer Service

Traditional customer service is no longer enough to differentiate you in the market. The game is now played at a much higher level.

  • Why should a customer buy from you? 
  • What is your Value Proposition?
  • What is your Emotional Connection (relationship) with your customers?
Three Essential Steps

Tackling customer service effectively involves three essential steps:

  • Designing the experience and proposition you want to offer
  • Implementing this experience through training, workshops and practice
  • Measuring to verify that you are delivering what you have promised.

Whether you are a B2C or a B2B organisation, we can help you improve your service levels through the proper training and coaching programmes.