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We are proud to present the DanatCon Hotel Simulation Workshop – an exciting opportunity to boost your Return on Learning!

Everywhere we have run such business simulations, the feedback from both the company and the participants has been nothing short of excellent.

Over 40 organisations, in Cyprus and abroad, have entrusted us to develop the management skills and business acumen of their department heads and staff and bring the training to life in a fun and engaging way.

Our simulations are available in a variety of difficulty levels to suit all personnel from staff to Senior Executives.

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Business simulations are a new and innovative tool in the field of Talent Development.  They are currently regarded as the most effective and enjoyable tool for improving the business performance of a management team.


The value of our Hotel Business Simulations

   Our solution is specific to the Hotel Industry

The business simulation environment involves running a hotel, something that relates directly to your business.

   Participants learn more because they are engaged in the learning process

True engagement involves listening, debating, analyzing, and actively applying the subject matter. Studies have shown that when people engage in this manner, learning is substantially increased.  The fact that simulations are also fun and entertaining, increases learning effectiveness even more.  Traditional teaching methods fail to achieve this.

   The consequences of taking risks are eliminated

The simulation enables participants to experience a realistic business environment in which they can test strategy and decisions without the risks and implications of those decisions in the real world.  As a result, mistakes are learning opportunities that do not negatively impact the organization.

   See the big picture

The broad range of business dynamics encountered in a simulation increases business acumen and commercial awareness. Participants are better prepared to apply the lessons learned from the simulation, improve their performance and their confidence when they return to the real world and have to make real business decisions.  A business simulation does all these in a fun and challenging way.


To find out how our Hotel Simulation could be used in your organisation, please get in touch to request more information or to arrange a time to speak to one of our team.